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Today while working on my Plesk server using my iPhone, the web interface suddenly caused Safari to use 100% of the CPU and eventually crash. It was pretty annoying as I had so much to do, so I moved over to my Mac. That appeared to have the same problem in Safari and even in Chrome. There I ran the profiler to figure out what exactly is causing the high CPU usage.

Turns out the Twitter Follow button in the footer of the entire Plesk interface was the problem. I always assumed it was only a button, but it is suddenly connected to the Twitter firehose! That is a massive amount of data to process, especially on a smartphone. And also a bit scary, security-wise, as both Twitter and Facebook receive every pageview and may (probably do) even read the page’s metadata.

Normally uBlock removes that stuff from my browser experience, but for Plesk I had whitelisted the whole servername. Some content does involve social media keywords and needs to stay visible.


One of the best sides of Plesk are its layers of customization. In the panel.ini file you can simply disable the Facebook Like and Twitter Follow buttons, and all is back to normal again. Faster even.

  1. SSH into your server, and elevate to root user.
  2. nano /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini
  3. Make the below sections look like this or add them if missing:
showLikeLink = off

showFollowLink = off

userVoice = off

I also disabled the UserVoice button because I never use it.

And while you’re at it let’s also remove the extension spam:

enabled = off

serverAppsPromoEnabled = off

enabled = off

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