By donating you directly help with covering the costs of maintaining and hosting my projects.

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  1. Github / Node.js projects
  2. Webhosting
  5. Received donations

Github / Node.js projects

The creation and maintenance of my open source projects take a lot of time and motivation. The donations of coffees help me staying motivated, knowing that someone appreciates the work I do.


For the webhosting and custom applications I have a virtual private server. Because some of the projects can peak in visitor counts and require special software they cannot run on cheaper shared hosting. I pay for these myself and they are not generating income other than donations. A while ago I have to tried to run advertising on them, but the amount of ad blocking (that I totally agree with) and penalty on page loading speed made me consider it not worth the fairly low extra income. You need to serve a lot of personalized (privacy invading) tracking ads to a huge amount of click-happy visitors for it to pay the bills.

The total cost of the vps is €33 per month, but that includes private use. The webhosting costs below are only the part that each project requires. If I were to split them up to separate (quality EU-based) hosting accounts elsewhere the monthly costs would be only a little bit cheaper.

The domain names are registered at TransIP, Versio and NameSilo. And the DNS is hosted at CloudFlare. This is a very cost efficient combination while they each feature high security standards like dnssec and 2fa and I avoid the privacy aspects of running everything through CloudFlare. I had my domains stolen at a certain cheap registrar before. That won’t happen again!

The project consists of various custom built application layers for reliable, low latency, direct dns lookups, dual-stack network connectivity and a domain name with single-stack subdomains. The aim is to make the hostname lookup as user friendly and technically true as possible. Occasionally, when the demand is very high, I offload the main application to a CloudFlare worker. I rather not do that to avoid unnecessary costs and complexity. Sometimes I need to run advanced tests on a separate vps when fixing a complicated bug or testing new features.

Code testing€ 2 / month
Webhosting€ 10 / month
Domain name€ 10 / year
CloudFlare worker€ 5 / month
Average total€ 15 / month

My personal website is where I publish tutorials, code snipppets and anything else I’d like to share. It mostly requires security, storage, dual-stack networking and performance.

Hosting € 10 / month
Domain names€ 30 / year
Average total€ 12 / month

Received donations

I receive donations from two channels: Buy me a coffee and Ko-Fi. They are both really good, supporting credit cards and PayPal, but Ko-Fi doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Bmac does but has Apple Pay and Google Pay support. I want to move everything to Buy me a coffee because of the mobile payment methods, for a wider audience. It runs through my Stripe subscription who pay out pretty fast at a low threshold. That way the donations directly affect the next month’s payments. The flip side to Bmac is transaction fees, but I can live with that. To cover the fees I have increased the ‘coffee’ amount to € 4 each instead of pushing the fees to the donators. I like transparency when it comes to money and trust. When I say it is €4 then it won’t be €4 plus some extra.

Last update: 2020-08-31

Photo by Anna Shvets

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