Quickly lookup your IPv4 or IPv6 hostname and IP-address.

Often I need an easy webservice to quickly see my hostname and test my local dns updates. Most such websites available are overloaded with offtopic features, such as user-agent details and RBL-checks, or impossible to read due to the many ads or mix of fonts and other uglyness. They also don’t clear their server’s dns cache quiet often. I had to build my own tool: My

  1. Alfred workflow
  2. Commands
  3. API
  4. Commandline
  5. Related stuff v5I redesigned the site to be much better compatible with various devices and now both your IPv4 and IPv6 details are displayed at once, if available. The server’s DNS cache is cleared every 5 minutes, should be enough time for reverse zone testing.

Alfred workflow

If you have Alfred and bought the Powerpack you can easily lookup your hostname and IP-address from this awesome search box. Just download and open the file below.

Download (71KB)


When an update is available you’ll be notified in the Alfred results ;)


myhostname Let your computer choose IPv4 or IPv6 network.
myhostname 4 Enforce your IPv4 network.
myhostname 6 Enforce your IPv6 network.


I’m no longer promoting the API as lots of folks keep abusing the service by calling the endpoint every second or even more. Really, it is not that hard to schedule your lookups once per 5 minutes, they’re only cache hits anyway.


Those on a command-line (CLI) with cURL, eLinks or Lynx can simply type curl to get a text-only summary.

curl summary
curl trimmed IP
curl trimmed hostname
curl quick help


lynx screenshot

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