I recently started displaying AdSense ads on my blog and MyHostname.net to see if they can support the hosting costs a little. So far the income is around €0.40 per month, not even remotely near the actual cost. ? I try to make them look not obtrusive or plain ugly and disabled all the ‘enhanced experience’ features. A fancy name for popovers, self expanding ads when you mouse over, ugly buttons, etc. Everything we hate. Also blocked religious, sexual and gambling content as my projects are available to all age groups.

AdSense used to slow down pageloading a lot, adding over 2 seconds to each view. But the average visitor will not wait any longer then 0.8 seconds! And since Google based its search result ranking on their pagespeed score it would drop your site lower in the results or even the next page. Nearly nobody ever visits Google’s page 2. That was a 90% drop in unique visitors according to my Piwik stats. So I just removed the ads in order to restore the pagespeed and get my visitors back. Anyway, a few weeks ago I reinstated the ads on MyHostname.net and found it to be loading extremely fast. There is little to no penalty on the pagespeed. I guess they finally took their own web annoyances policy seriously.

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