Navigating an ocean of information

I was randomly clicking through the Archive.org magazines collection, looking for a text to use in a TTS engine I was playing with. The one that caught my interest was a Byte Magazine edition from 1976 with this awesome shark cover drawn by Robert Tinney. Inside I found a letter from Adam Trent.

Awkward silence

Quote from Home before dark. “Enjoy the silence. Silence is your friend. Each new question is the end of the last answer. So you got to be patient. Let the silence go on till it gets awkward, ’cause that person’s gonna wanna fill up the empty space.”

Engineers are not happy

Quote from Snowpiercer. “The needs of the train are more important than our own happiness. We’re engineers. We keep the world alive.”

Instead of fighting, live your life

Quote from Covert Affairs. “Instead of fighting, live your life. Yeah, the current may know something you don’t. Sometimes you just have to let the river take you.”

Only the pictures matter

Unfortunately, every expression, every reaction will be interpreted against you. Smile and they’ll say you’re not taking it seriously. You cry and they’ll say you’re faking it. Do not answer any questions they shout at you. On TV, only the pictures matter. […] They’re looking for confirmation, so don’t give it to them. — Defending …

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Sailing towards an iceberg

Quote from Defending Jacob. “I said it was like sailing towards an iceberg. This little white peak in the distance, getting closer and closer… but really, it’s been underneath us the whole time.”

Neurotypical disability

Quote from Dale Wilson. “I don’t personally see Aspergers as a disability. With the amount of dumb things the Neurotypicals do perhaps that’s the real disability.”


Asking for help was never Darlene’s strong suit. But then again, is it anyone’s? An admission of weakness. But you can’t avoid the simple truth: the only way to patch a vulnerability is by exposing it first. The flip side being that exposing a vulnerability leaves you open to an exploit. Annihilation is always the …

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Fully safe and secure

Security is not a boolean proposition. It’s not “secure” versus “insecure”, “safe” versus “unsafe”, rather it is a spectrum of controls that all contribute to an overall security posture. There is no “fully”, there is no “completely”; every system – every single one – has weak points and a sufficiently well-equipped and determined adversary will …

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Genius tree fish

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. — Albert Einstein (or maybe not) (image: author unknown)


You want to bring people together, you send them through hell. You want to split them apart, you give them a secret. — 12 Monkeys S03E07


When you plot revenge always dig two graves. — The Unit S04E08