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For many years I kept my personal website simple, just my name and social links. A few years ago I added a full page photo rotator with my most recent photographs from Flickr. For my stuff and blogging I have this low traffic Tweakblog, but always wanted to set up a blog on my own space. What’s better to waste your own server on than rants, thoughts and random stuff? :)

I messed around with Concrete5, Typo3, Tumblr, the now defunct Posterous, earlier versions of WordPress and much more blog scripts, both dynamic and static, wysiwyg and markdown. At last I gave WordPress a new try and I must say it has matured a lot over the years! I like it so much that I’m rebuilding my whole site around it. What also helps is that Poster for iOS is such a nice editor for quick drafts.

This should become a blog, my portfolio, projects and what else. Projects that now have their own site will merge into this one somehow.

Oh well, let’s see how this bird flies.

A short history of nearly everything…

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