Instead of fighting, live your life

  • You regret not going back?
  • No. It’s different in Israel. Our ambitions are about life, living well, not our careers.
  • What about having both?
  • See, now that’s very American.
  • Life takes you where it takes you. You can only steer so much, sometimes not at all. History taught us that.
  • Don’t fight the current, is that it?
  • Or swim with it. Instead of fighting, live your life. Yeah, the current may know something you don’t.
  • Doesn’t sound like you at all.
  • Why not? It’s completely me. Sometimes you just have to let the river take you.
  • And where has the river taken you?
  • Today, it’s taking me here. With you.

— Covert Affairs, Annie vs Eyal (season 2)

Photo: Cole Keister

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