Navigating an ocean of information

I was randomly clicking through the magazines collection, looking for a text to use in a TTS engine I was playing with. The one that caught my interest was a Byte Magazine edition from 1976 with this awesome shark cover drawn by Robert Tinney. Inside I found a letter from Adam Trent:

I think most of us know that we’re into a unique thing with this burgeoning new baby of a hobby. It’s like being pioneers – spirits are high and there is a wilderness to contend with. Big time centralized computers were not a panacea for the world’s ills. The new wilderness we face is information glut and it threatens to swamp us more essentially at the individual level than at the institutional level. Microcomputers are a new tool that promise deliverance. They can be a seemingly playful tool, but they possess the power to navigate that ocean of information which modern man must sail upon. Well, I just wanted to philosophize a little and say that I think this new hobby (and BYTE) will be an aid to us all.

Byte Magazine 1976-04 page 8, on

That’s some pretty cool insight about 17 years before the internet got interesting. I hope he is doing okay now that the ‘information glut’ has taken over the planet and still keeps expanding beyond our imagination …and control.

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