Bounce the macOS Terminal icon from a script

How to bounce the Terminal icon in the Dock by using a script command. The bounce is caused by the ASCII bell control code, number 7. By echoing the \a special character you send an alert to the terminal window.

Fix for not working accent menu macOS

Steps to resolve the non-functioning Accent Menu on macOS. On my Mac this feature disabled itself after one of the recent updates. No reboots required.

Bypass Boot Camp error with VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra

With macOS High Sierra Apple introduced the APFS filesystem with improved integrity protection. You can boot into Windows just fine, but when you wish to load a Boot Camp OS within a Fusion virtual machine the loader complains about a missing disk or some missing EFI elements. Eventually you get a blue screen Boot Manager screen with a bunch of options/ According to VMware is UEFI missing an APFS driver.

Setup local DNS resolver on macOS Sierra

Simple instructions on how to install a local PowerDNS Recursor on macOS 10.12 Sierra to avoid using the DNS servers provided in your network or by your internet provider.

Update script for Homebrew

Simple interactive command for Homebrew (Mac OSX) to check for updates, list outdated packages, upgrade them and clean up after.