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Node.js: Simple fetch() timeout

This code snippet tells `fetch()` to abort the request when it takes longer than the specified amount of time. It is only one line!

Plesk: Enable SFTP access for additional FTP users

By default only the main user of a domain can SFTP into a domain. Plesk does allow to add FTP users but for some reason not for access over encrypted SSH. That makes the whole feature broken given today’s security standards that don’t allow plain FTP access anymore. This guide helps you to properly set up the new user for secure access over SFTP.

Fix for not working accent menu macOS

Steps to resolve the non-functioning Accent Menu on macOS. On my Mac this feature disabled itself after one of the recent updates. No reboots required.

Blocking vs non-blocking timers in Arduino and Particle

When coding for Arduino you may wish to run certain code once every N milliseconds. For a very simple program like blinking a LED with a 2 seconds interval using the delay() function will be sufficient. But what about multiple bits of code where each require a different interval? Using delay() they will slow each other down, significantly disrupting your program. The solution is the meassure the last time the code parts were executed.

Fix errorless dead Postfix daemon

After upgrading the server to Ubuntu 17.10 Postfix had died without reporting any error. It just wont start, without giving any hint about what is going wrong.

Setup local DNS resolver on macOS Sierra

Simple instructions on how to install a local PowerDNS Recursor on macOS 10.12 Sierra to avoid using the DNS servers provided in your network or by your internet provider.