Fix errorless dead Postfix daemon

Note to self

After upgrading the server to Ubuntu 17.10 Postfix had died without reporting any error. It just wont start, without giving a hint about what was going wrong. Even connecting with telnet on localhost port 25 wasn’t possible. However, the firewall looks fine just like the rest of the processes.

After digging a while I found the upgrade-configuration command in Postfix. That returned:

sudo postfix upgrade-configuration
Note: the following files or directories still exist but are no longer part of Postfix:


Just a note, nothing fatal right? But when I deleted those two deprecated files and restarted the daemon, it just works! Weird.

sudo rm -f /etc/postfix/postfix-script /etc/postfix/post-install
sudo postfix upgrade-configuration
sudo service postfix restart

This is on Postfix 3.2.3.


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